Employee Spotlight

Vernell’s Interstate Service would be nothing without its employees and their experience, commitment and drive to help others.

Employee Spotlight: Cory Thompson

Name: Cory Thompson Job Title: Express Manager Employed with Vernell’s Interstate Service: 4 1/2 years Family: FiancĂ©e Hazelea and son Camden Favorite pastime: Playing basketball and video games Biggest challenge of the job: Time management. It’s a challenge scheduling repairs, service and towing, getting people in and out as soon as we can. Most rewarding

Employee Spotlight: Robert Butler

Name: Robert Butler Nickname: Butler Job Title: Towing and Recovery Manager Employed with Vernell’s Interstate Service: 7 years Family: Married to wife Janet, 3 kids – Ralph, Elsa and William Favorite pastime: Sleeping, riding ATVs with my family Biggest challenge on a recovery: Safety. Other motorists don’t always pay attention. We ask everyone to slow

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