Employee Spotlight: Shawna Beasley

Name: Shawna Beasley

Job Title: Parts Assistant

Employed with Vernell’s Interstate Service: 14 months

Family: son Louie and daughter Autumn

Favorite pastime: Spending time with family and friends, riding my motorcycle and being outdoors

Biggest challenge of the job: Parts being on backorder and having to tell people the part they need may be up to six months out.

What I like most about my job: The energetic atmosphere and working with an amazing crew. When you work with a team that cares for each other, even a bad day is not all that bad. Parts department can be hectic at times, but we make sure to provide some comic relief for everyone.

“Shawna is a strong, capable member of our team. She was hired as a parts associate, but her knowledge and experience in mechanics makes her very versatile. She is always the first to step in and fill the gap when needed.”

Shawn Hughes, Operations Manager