Employee Spotlight: Danny Robles

Name: Danny Robles

Job Title: Service Technician

Employed with Vernell’s Interstate Service: 10 months

Family: Wife of 14 years, 10-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter

Favorite pastime: Playing video games with my son

Most common repair issues you see: A/C, brakes and tires

Biggest challenge of the job: Keeping up with all the changes in the automotive and trucking industries

Most rewarding experience on the job: I recently helped a family whose vehicle broke down while they were on vacation. We towed them in and had the parts to get the vehicle fixed. We were able to get them back on the road to finish their vacation.

“Danny is always willing to help and has a good attitude. We get a lot of positive feedback from customers about him.”  

Shawn Hughes, Operations Manager