Employee Spotlight: Paul Kerley

Name: Paul Kerley

Nickname: P.K.

Employed with Vernell’s Interstate Service: 37 years

Family: Wife Peggy, daughters Lindsey and Bridget, grandchildren Bailey, Parker and Addison

Favorite pastime: Fishing, being with my grandkids

Biggest challenge on a recovery: Just running the wreckers, doing service calls for 28 years on the side of the interstate. Luckily, I was never injured. Trucks are going 70 mph within just a few feet of you. You have to watch all the time. You step back and that could be it.

Most rewarding experience on the job: We used to deliver CASA houses to the winners around Christmas. One family had very little, and the kids were just overjoyed to have won.

One more thing: I just want to thank Vernell’s and its employees for supporting me and standing by me all these years, especially the last couple years.

“He has been here the longest. He has taught most of us all we know about towing and recovery. He’s an icon here. I’ve always said that I wish I could clone Paul, he’s that good.”

Shawn Hughes, Operations Manager

He may try to hide it with jokes, but P.K.’s got a great attitude and has always been willing to pitch in and help and teach those around him. You couldn’t say that about everyone with his decades of experience.

Dustin Halliday, Service Director